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At Fab Tech, we are happy to help in any metal fabrication project you have. Often we are able to build a prototype of the metal fabrication that you need in order to work out some of the details and allow you to see what the final piece will look like. After the prototype of the metal fabrication is approved, we can produce the quantities you need for the final installation.

Here is a list of some metal fabrication projects that we have worked on in the past. Please contact us if you feel your project would benefit from a prototype.

Air slides and associated products for alumina handling equipment

Aluminum ore handling equipment

Camera mounts for aerial photography

Collection tanks

Corrugated pipe fittings and retention systems

Custom craft work

Custom name plates for boats, cars, and automobiles

Custom Trailer alterations and modifications

Custom trailer manufacturing

Drip pans for under machinery


Electrical control boxes, Enclosures and Assemblies

Hydraulic tanks

Laser cutting of custom gaskets and cotton belting

Laser cutting of custom plexiglass, lexan, and brass

Material Handling carts

Metal stairs, walkways, hand rails, and mezzainines

Paint carts for mobile crane manufacturer

Replacement baskets, covers and handles for mobile aerial lift equipment


Research and Development projects

Road construction equipment

Safety shields for viewing molten metal and aluminum

Screened frames and auger boxes for road paving equipment

Small structural expansions

Trash hoppers

Trash racks and anti-vortex heads